Learn About Your Medications

We Now Offer a New Way to Learn About Your Medications!

  1. Locate the QR code on your prescription label.
  2. Open the iPhone camera, Google camera, or any other QR code reader and hold the camera 6 inches above the QR code to scan.
  3. Click the drop down link to watch a short video and see other information. See reverse side for more features!


More information at your fingertips!

By scanning the QR code on your prescription you can now:

  1. Watch a short video about your medications. See reverse side for instructions on how to access.
  2. Read the information sheet normally printed on paper by pressing
    the “inform me” button.
  3. View a high quality image of your medication located in the “menu” button.
  4. Share information about your medication with friends, family, or your healthcare team.

• On demand and easy to understand
• Reduces paper waste
• Better for the environment